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Ordering from CabParts

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Who We Serve

CabParts is a wholesale business selling directly to building trades professionals, business to business*. Our typical customers include builders, contractors, cabinetmakers, architects, designers, millwork shops, and storage professionals. 

*Please note that CabParts will require an identity/industry verification upon any product purchase.

Can I buy CabParts if I’m not a licensed laborer or industry professional?

If you are a DIY project undertaker and would like to have high-quality CabParts products used in your project, please contact a building trades professional near you. This person can help you identify and acquire the CabParts products that best suit your project needs.

You deserve cabinet boxes and components as distinct as your design.

But, you lack the time and labor that a luxury design requires.

Your Custom
Design Factory

Mass customization, limitless design options. Every component is configured to your design specifications. You never have to fit into a box to get the cabinet box you need.

custom cabinet work

Power of a Factory, Detail of a Craftsman

Case work and components accurately sized and precision machined for easy assembly into your high-quality design.

Custom online cabinets

No Minimums,
No Waste

No minimums – order exactly what you need to get the job done. Reduce inventory and waste by getting the panel material and edge treatment your project requires — nothing more, nothing less.

Download the CabParts catalog

In April 2019, CabParts published a new catalog and updated order form. As future additions or changes are made to these two items, the downloadable catalog and order form below will be updated. Additionally, all updates will be listed and available for separate download on our updates page, so all prior catalog holders can remain current.