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To keep your catalog up-to-date, select any of the following to download the most recent information:

MISCELLANEOUS / ACCESSORIES / 1 Replacement page revised May 8, 2019 to update the Lazy Susan and Sink Tray listings.  Added the manufacturer (Rev-a-Shelf) item numbers and 2019/20 catalog page references.

NEW ORDER FORM –  Minor revision May 10, 2018, on page 1, section 2, to delete the  question of adjustable shelf width because that variable is driven by the selection of the Supports in the box below (e.g. nickel spoons).  Also, on page 2, section 4, to clarify any drawer guides to be supplied by CabParts, as well as Blum Tandem information.

FILLERS & PANELS / 3   – Revised May 8, 2019, to clarify panel nomenclature, grain and ordering procedures.

TERMS & CONDITIONS  – Minor modifications May 8, 2019, to clarify lead times for quotes.