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If you’re feeling boxed in by the limitations of manufactured cabinet boxes, then CabParts is the custom supplier you need. We manufacture what you specify – from materials, dimensions, functionality, and configurations – delivering a superior American made product you will be proud to put your name on (we mean literally, everything is white- label). But that’s not all we do. We also provide custom closet and storage components for any retail, commercial, or institutional building – for new projects to remodels.

DIMENSIONS TO FIT YOUR SPECIFICATIONS - Custom or standard sizing, components are built for each order and delivered ready for quick & easy assembly.

FLEXIBLE TO YOUR DESIGN - All components are configured to your specific requirements. Standard item or custom design? 32mm or custom boring patterns? Whatever you specifications you need, we can provide.

RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL - Exceed your customer’s expectations with casework that is at home in any building, wherever you need them – from homes to hospitals to schools to offices; whether new, remodel, or repair.

GREAT FREIGHT RATES - We are proud to call Grand Junction Colorado home, and if that sounds far away that's because it probably is. Because of our semi-remote location, we have a lot of shipping to us but not a whole lot of shipping out. This is great for our customers because we get low freight rates allowing you to keep your costs down.

Message from Bob Love:

After running a custom cabinet shop for over 30 years, we understand that your build can’t be bound by material, dimension, or function limitations. We understand you want to provide your customers with fantastic cabinets that fit your design exactly. You want to furnish the best result possible without having to invest so much of your time and energy in providing the perfect cabinets. We take care of the casework so you can focus on your project. We can provide what you need, with exact specifications.

Factory Direct Custom Closet Cabinet Boxes


CabParts manufactures custom cabinet boxes, closet assemblies, and more at scale. Turn projects around faster, please more customers with completely custom designs never sacrificing style and quality.

You deserve cabinet boxes and components as distinct as your Project


Your Custom
Design Factory

Mass customization, limitless design options. Every component is configured to your design specifications. You never have to fit into a box to get the cabinet box you need.

Power of a Factory, Detail of a Craftsman

Case work and components accurately sized and precision machined for easy assembly into your high-quality design.

No Minimums,
No Waste

No minimums – order just what you need to get the job done. Reduce inventory and waste by getting the panel material and edge treatment your project requires, nothing more, never less.

How to start working with CabParts

You need the capability of a factory,
but the attention to detail of a craftsman.

See What's Possible

Download our product catalog to see what we can bring to your custom cabinet work!

Experience the Difference

Order your custom case work and experience the difference of a fully custom factory.

Grow Your Business

Enjoy the ability to double your projects by cutting your custom cabinet build time in half!

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John Doe

When you are unable to get the materials, dimensions, and features to meet your exact needs your build cant run as smoothly as you would like. Work with CabParts so that you can get the exact configuration, materials, and dimensions you need. By having a reliable partner you can count on for quality custom case work.

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