Who can purchase from CabParts?

CabParts is a wholesale business that sells directly to building trades professionals, “business to business”.  Our typical customers include builders, contractors, cabinetmakers, architects, designers, millwork shops and closet and storage professionals.

How do I order from CabParts?

We recommend the use of the CabParts Order Form, either in paper format or digitally as a PDF.  The PDF is fillable, just remember to save your work. The digital format may be downloaded off this website or by contacting CabParts. CabParts can also work from an Excel spreadsheet or Word document. If you are using a design software, such as KCD or CabinetVision, please print a cabinet list from the software. We receive Orders via FAX, email, overnight letter and US Postal Service.

What info do you need for an order?

In order to manufacture your boxes, CabParts needs to know quantity, material, edgeband, dimensions and configuration of each box or closet set.

Prior to your first order, CabParts will ask to verify your business status.  We do not sell to retail customers, but will be do our best to help those customers find a CabParts source in their area.

Does CabParts require a minimum order point?

No minimums – order just what you need.

Will CabParts accept phone orders?

Due to the complex nature of custom-manufactured components, we cannot accept phone orders.


What are CabParts terms of sale?

After a signed approval, a minimum of 50% deposit is required prior to an Order going into production, with the balance due prior to shipping. Typically, most customers pay 100% so the Order is ready to ship when complete. You may also apply for a Net 30 open account.

What forms of payment does CabParts accept?

We accept credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. For credit card or electronic check payments, CabParts has a secure payment portal. (Contact CabParts for this information.) You may also call or fax the credit card information to CabParts. Additionally, we accept cash, wire transfer, check, money order and cashier’s check.


How do CabParts Cabinet Boxes assemble?

We offer two methods of assembly:

  1. Confirmat screws, provided with each Order, and with factory inserted 8mm hardwood alignment dowels,
  2. Glue and clamp assembly with 8mm X 30mm hardwood dowels factory inserted.

We can also mix assembly methods in a cabinet, for instance, a left end Confirmat and the right end glue and dowel.

What panel material does CabParts stock?

We stock White, Almond, Grey, Black and Natural Maple, G2S, thermofused melamines in ¾”, 5/8” and ¼” thicknesses on an M-2, western pine particleboard core. Additionally, we stock prefinished ¾” thick Maple plywood.

What choices do I have for edgebanding?

CabParts can provide almost any PVC or ABS banding. Unfinished wood veneers and some prefinished (UV, clear), wood veneers. Unfinished, 3mm thick solid wood and high pressure plastic laminates are available as options. You may always specify the cabinet edges left RAW or unedged. Check with CabParts for your exact requirements.

Will CabParts manufacture my boxes to my specifications?

Yes. We will size and configure your boxes to your specifications.

Can I specify different panel materials?

Yes. CabParts obtains a wide range of panel types and sizes to meet our customer’s needs. Check with CabParts for your exact requirements.

How will I know which components go to which cabinet box on my order?

Every piece we produce is specific to any given order and as such will have a label attached which clearly identifies it with the item number of the cabinet box it belongs to. As the pallet is unpacked, sort the components by item number for efficient assembly.

Can I order hardware, dovetailed drawer boxes and fronts from CabParts?

Yes. Hardware and dovetailed drawer boxes are available from CabParts. Doors and drawer fronts, in addition to slab-type, are available too. Optional items are all sized to fit your order. Check with CabParts for your exact requirements.


Will CabParts ship my order to a jobsite?

Yes. The “Ship To” address and instructions must be clearly stated on the Order Form.

How much does shipping cost?

Truck line delivery, or LTL, will add approximately 25% to the cost of an order. A large order may qualify for a one-time truckload rate which will be much less costly. Smaller orders that can be packaged for ground delivery will be priced by the weight of the package. CabParts compares rates for any given load between 2 or 3 carriers and recommends the least costly. Any freight or delivery charge will be clearly shown on your Order Acknowledgement.

Can I get a large order shipped in phases?

Yes. Large orders are frequently shipped in phases: by half or by thirds or by rooms, etc. There may be additional charges for extra pallets or for organization of components.

Will CabParts hard side or “box” my pallet(s) for delivery?

Yes. You may request this service on any LTL shipment. Shipping to some locations may require this service, for instance, off shore, downtown New York City, etc.

Does CabParts package cabinet boxes in complete units?

No, CabParts components are flat-packed on pallet(s), layer by layer for closest fit and safety in transit. Individually packaged units would add greatly to the cost.

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