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Company History

Since 1987, CabParts, Inc. has enjoyed consistent growth in the specialized field of cabinet case manufacturing.

CabParts Quality

Over the years, our success has been a result of keen focus on the needs of the professional cabinet maker, designer and contractor. Our line of over 1,500 cabinet cases has been incorporated into projects across the globe, in some of the most demanding situations. We respond to our customers' needs with timely deliveries, top-notch product quality, and unmatched attention to detail.

By concentrating our efforts, energies and resources on doing one thing very well, we offer a unique approach to cabinet construction that centers around customers' needs. 

Profit With CabParts

For the cabinet maker, out-sourcing your cabinet box part requirements to CabParts, Inc. can have immediate, positive impact on your bottom line.  Use your CabParts Catalog to determine your costs early in the estimating phase, before a job is begun. Out-sourcing to CabParts, Inc. reduces your material stock, eliminates production waste, and lets you bypass investment in expensive production machinery.

CabParts assembly does not require highly skilled labor or large shop areas, contributing to lower overhead per unit of production. You can compete in the frameless market starting with your first order.

High-quality CabParts products are diverse, practical, competitively priced, and backed by reliable service. Use them as a foundation for your most beautiful door and drawer fronts. With CabParts, you can concentrate your skilled manpower and techniques on producing the finishes your client demands. And, you can rest assured your most elegant drawer and door panels will be solidly supported by the best cases in the industry.

For the Contractor, Designer and Builder, CabParts boxes can offer a total solution for your commercial, institutional, laboratory, health-care and high-technology storage requirements. You need only add hardware and assembly to achieve a high-quality, cost effective installation. Your CabParts order is shipped "knocked-down", on pallets. You can easily meet complex logistics challenges. CabParts, Inc. precision and uniformity means you can employ your own forces to quickly assemble and install finished cabinetry as your schedule permits.