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These illustrations with thermofused melamine box prices are a sampling of approximately 1,500 standard CabParts cabinet boxes available.

Sample data is presented for information only. To order we recommend you have a current copy of the Cabparts Catalog and an order form available. Consult catalog for sizes and options.

Wall Boxes
Wall Box Wall Blind Corner Box Wall Corner Diagonal Box
 30" High  30" High
Base Boxes
Base Box for Full Height Door(s)
Base Box for 2 Drawers/Doors
 30.5" High  30.5" High
Base Sink Box for Tilt-Out Drawer Front/Door(s) Base Blind Corner Box for 1 Drawer/Door
 30.5" High  30.5" High
Vanity Boxes
Vanity Box for 3 Drawers Vanity Sink Box for 1 False, 2 Drawer/Door(s)
 26.5" High  26.5" High
Vanity Sink Box for False Drawer/Door(s) Desk Box for 3 Drawers
 26.5" High  24.5" High
Tall Boxes
Tall Box Tall Box for Oven/Microwave
 80" High  80" High