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Product & Manufacturing:

  1. How do CabParts boxes assemble?
    CabParts offers two methods of assembly:
    • Confirmat screws with factory inserted 8mm hardwood dowels for alignment, no glue required. Confirmat screws provided at no additional cost.
    • 8mm x 30mm hardwood dowels, factory inserted, final glue joint by the customer. Clamping time is about 20 – 30 minutes depending upon humidity.
  2. Will CabParts cut to my size requirements?
    Yes, within broad constraints regarding raw material sizes and structural values, CabParts may be sized to your specifications. There is a nominal upcharge for this service.
  3. What is your manufacturing tolerance?
    Plus or minus 1/64" (.015625"). Our saw cuts are very accurate and square. All milling is accomplished off of finished edges.
  4. What are some of the options available from CabParts? 
    Custom width, height or depth of boxes, custom drilling patterns, custom interior configurations, adjust line drilling for face frame construction, edgebanding from any of the major manufacturers in PVC's and wood veneers or plastic laminates, and custom laid-up melamine or veneer panels, are some of the more common options. CabParts also offers fully-assembled dovetailed drawer boxes.
  5. Can I get hardware with my CabParts order?
    Yes, we can supply functional hardware such as hinges, guides, lazy susans, etc. Our primary suppliers are Blum, Hafele, Rev-A-Shelf and Accuride. On special order, we have access to additional manufacturers; contact CabParts with your requirements. Additionally, as a special order, we can supply pulls or knobs from Hafele.
  6. Is CabParts a member of any trade organizations?
    • CMA Cabinet Makers Association
    • AWFS Association of Woodworking and Furniture Suppliers
  7. Which panel types & colors do you stock?
    We stock White, Almond, Gray, Natural Maple (woodgrain pattern) and Black, G2S, thermofused melamine, M2 grade, particle board panels from Roucke. We also stock Red Oak, Maple & Cherry unfinished wood veneers on MDF plus a prefinished Maple plywood.
  8. What is the grade of particle board substrate used in our stock thermofused melamines?
    The particle board substrate meets an M-2 spec with a density range meeting that industry specification. The core is western pine.
  9. Will you manufacture using other brands/types of panels?
    Yes, for instance: Roseburg or Panolam products, Medite II, Baltic Birch, pre-finished maple plywood, just to name a few. Some orders may be too small to warrant the cost of a few panels being brought in to the factory, either in minimum order amounts or freight cost. There will be upcharge for special ordered material, which will be clearly shown on your order acknowledgment.
  10. Which plastic laminate colors come closest to matching your stock melamines?
    Melamine Color Best Plastic Laminate Match
    White Wilson Art #1573-60 Frosty White
    Almond Wilson Art #D30-60 Natural Almond
    Gray Wilson Art #D381-60 Fashion Grey
    Black Wilson Art #1595-60 Black
    Natural Maple Wilson Art #7909-60 Fusion Maple, or  
    Nevamar #WM-8-340T Clear Maple, or  
    Formica #756-58 Natural Maple

  11. Are CabParts boxes certified under the AWI Quality Certification Program? (QCP)
    No, because CabParts cabinet boxes are not fully assembled at the factory. The assembled boxes must be certified thru the assembler / installer. When assembled according to CabParts specifications and properly installed per AWI specification our cabinet boxes meet or exceed AWI Custom Grade, using either construction method.

Ordering, Shipping & Freight

  1. How do I order from CabParts?
    CabParts prefers the use of our Order Form filled out, either in paper or digitally as a fill able PDF. Please fill the form out (save a copy if PDF) and mail, fax or email the order to CabParts. The PDF Order Form is available as a download from this website, or call and request one via email. We are happy to supply paper Order Forms as well. We can also work from an Excel-type spreadsheet, or a Word-type document. If you are using a design program such as KCD, or Cabinet Vision, you should be able to print a cabinet list from your software to send to CabParts. At the very minimum we need quantity, material, edgeband type, size and configuration of each box or the closet components. CabParts will always contact you with any questions. Sorry – no phone orders.
  2. What are your business terms?
    A 50% deposit is required at time of order confirmation with the balance due prior to shipping. You may also apply for an open account with terms of Net 30.
  3. Does CabParts accept credit cards?
    Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  4. How do I get a paper catalog?
    You can order one online, buy one at a tradeshow, or call us directly to order one. They cost $20.00 plus Shipping & Handling. The paper catalog comes with a coupon worth $20.00 toward your first order of 15 cabinet boxes or more.
  5. Is CabParts catalog available online?
    Yes, it is available as a download free of charge. It is exactly the same catalog as the paper version, but in PDF format. The PDF file requires the current version of Adobe Reader.
  6. Do you require a minimum order?
    No minimum order size.
  7. Can I get a large order shipped in phases?
    Yes, large orders are frequently phased for shipment. There may be additional charges for extra pallets or organization of parts, etc.
  8. Will CabParts ship my order to a job site?
    Yes, the shipping instructions must be very clear on the Order. If an Order is shipped "freight charges collect", you must make arrangements to pay the delivery driver at the job site. Please refer to the "SHIPPING" page on this website.
  9. What can I expect to pay for shipping?
    CabParts earns very high discounts on outbound LTL freight. Shipping costs typically adds 25% -30% to the cost of an order. Please see the "SHIPPING" page on this website.
  10. Which LTL freight companies does CabParts use?
    CabParts uses these national carriers: Old Dominion, Estes Express, XPO Logistics, FedEx Freight, USF Reddaway, USF Holland, New Penn and Roadway. In Canada we also use Manitoulin. For small orders of 150 pounds, or less, we use FedEx Ground. Customers may "will call" at the factory or arrange for their carrier of choice to pick up and deliver. Please see the "SHIPPING" page on this website.
  11. Do you package cabinet boxes in complete units?
    No, since the components are shipped flat, unassembled, it would add greatly to the cost of production and delivery to sort and package individually. Also, assembled boxes ship at a much higher freight rate.
  12. How will I be able to identify loose components for assembly?
    Every part has a removable label affixed to it that identifies it by cabinet type, part name and its item number from the order. As you unpack a pallet, organize like item numbers together. When all is unpacked each case will have all of its requisite parts ready for assembly.
  13. What is your lead time?
    Please check with CabParts for current production lead time. Special ordered materials may add to the turn around time. Shipping time will add 2 – 6 working days to production lead time.